June 18-22, 2023, National Palace of Culture, Sofia, Bulgaria

Juniors Information

Are you a Junior and still deciding whether to attend ERS/ISIAN meeting in Sofia, Bulgaria? Here are 6 reasons why you should join us there and follow the Junior’s programme:

  • Develop networks for the future
    Over the last seven years, numbers of JMs are steadily rising. Currently, the ERS consists of 40% JMs, and we are becoming a strong part of the society. At the congress, we expect high number of Juniors therefore, you’ll get the chance to connect and share experiences with people like you!
  • Be inspired by thought leaders
    With the incredible support of ERS, we are proud to present a highly varied and relevant educational program for JMs, featuring star rhinologists such as Peter Hellings, Claire Hopkins, Sylvain Lacroix, Samuel Leong, Pietro Palma, Hesham Saleh, Manuel-Bernal Sprekelsen, Rainer Weber, Matteo Trimarchi and others. You’ll also get the chance to ask your burning questions.
  • Enjoy a varied programme
    During our educational and training symposia, you will learn what it takes to become an independent surgeon, how to fit research into training, and also how to maximise your own training experience. We have prepared an interactive round table session with respected rhinologists, “ask the experts or your chance to grill the boss”, where we will pose some of your questions in the areas of training and education. Instructional sessions will shed some light on the fundamentals of rhinoplasty, management of acute emergencies and the treatment of CRS. During our case report sessions, we will discuss management options for patients that are frequently seen by junior doctors in busy clinics, or during on-calls
  • Join the Junior’s Drinks
    Attending the congress isn’t only about lectures. Brand new ideas must be shared with similar minded people. Therefore, the members of the Junior Board are organising the night out where you can connect with people like you!
  • Leave the Congress with new ideas
    You’ll return to the department with a new outlook and fresh approaches to share with your team.
  • ERS Junior membership will cease at the end of the calendar year (Dec 31st) when a member turns 35. All Junior registrants must submit proof of their date of birth. The document can be uploaded at the time of registering or sent by email to info@ers-isian2023.com

For more information regarding ERS Junior Membership please visit: https://www.europeanrhinologicsociety.org/?page_id=1002