June 18-22, 2023, National Palace of Culture, Sofia, Bulgaria

The Venue


The National Palace of Culture – Congress Centre Sofia (NDK) is the largest multifunctional complex in Southeastern Europe.
The Palace was officially opened in 1981 to mark 1300 years since the founding of the Bulgarian state. It was designed to host a wide range of events such as international conventions, official meetings, conferences, symposia, discussion panels, exhibitions, festivals, concerts. The Palace is located in downtown Sofia and is surrounded by a park area.
The main building was designed by arch. Alexander Barov and his team of architects, and the design of the surrounding areas is the work of arch. Atanas Agura and team. The park area was designed by landscape architect Valentina Atanassova.


Facts & Figures


  • 123 000 sq m in area, it is an eight-storey building, with four panoramic terraces and three underground levels
  • 300 parking spaces + an additional 40 for VIP parking
  • Over 300 events per annum with one million guests take place here annually
  • It houses 80 monumental works of art located in the halls and the foyers
  • Bulgaria’s most renowned concert venue for international artists
  • Producer of theater, concerts, exhibitions and the annual festivals Salon des Arts, Cinemania, New Year’s Music Fest
  • Home of the National Book Centre, The Feather (Peroto) Literary Club, Azaryan Theater and DNK Contemporary Dance and Performance Space