June 18-22, 2023, National Palace of Culture, Sofia, Bulgaria

Speaker Guidelines

In compliance with EACCME® requirements all speakers are requested to include a slide disclosing conflicts of interest, if there are any, at the beginning of their presentation, please use the slide provided for this by clicking here.

Presentation Format

  • All presentations should be in PowerPoint or Keynote format and Mac/PC compatible The projection format will be 16:9, please use this format when creating your slides.
  • PowerPoint 2016 and previous versions are accepted
  • Save your file with a .pptx extension for a better compatibility
  • Media elements
  • Use the ‘Insert’ function to integrate media elements, such as images and video

Please bring all media elements separately as they may become corrupt or lost in the file transfer

  • Try to limit the size of your videos and sound to 1GB and use formats such as .mp4 and .wmv if possible
  • If your video files come from a medical equipment, make sure you do not need a special proprietary software to play it on a PC
  • If you work on a Mac try to avoid specific fonts in Mac OS and rather choose Windows compatible fonts If any specific/non-standard fonts are to be used, please also bring these with you to the speaker preview on a USB stick and the technician will ensure these are passed on alongside your presentation.
  • You should bring a copy of your presentation, including a copy of your video file(s), on a USB flash drive or an external hard drive