June 18-22, 2023, National Palace of Culture, Sofia, Bulgaria

Satellite Symposia

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Monday June 19, 2023

13.00h -14.15h - Satellite Lecture MEDTRONIC – Hall 9

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PROPEL™ sinus implants: Optimizing outcomes of sinus surgery in CRS patients with localized drug delivery

International experts talk about the impact of PROPEL™ sinus implants on endoscopic sinus surgery clinical outcomes.
Faculty: Prof. Joseph Han, Prof. Dr. Jan Gosepath, Prof. Paolo Castelnuovo
Moderator: Dr. Agnieszka Strzembosz

13.15h – 14.15h - Satellite Symposium OLYMPUS - Hall 7

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Symposium title:
“Rhinology awake surgeries. How to safely MOVE from OR to outpatient setup”


  • Mr. Jonathan Joseph (UK)
  • Dr. Jaime Viera Artiles (Spain)
  • Dr. Erlend Lundemo (Norway).


While the OR has been the main site for ENT procedures for many years, growing hospital backlogs and cost cuts needs have led to demand for treatment approaches that can help ease the burden.

Whether if it is an office or surgical equipped room or a private practice studio you can discover an alternative way to perform ENT procedures with the use of innovative medical devices from Olympus, helping you to clear the OR waiting lists, lowering hospital treatment costs, boosting efficiency, and improving patient comfort.

Follow this symposium to find out how to safely MOVE from the OR to the outpatient setup!

Preliminary agenda:

Mr. Jonathan Joseph:      15  minutes

  • Introducing the office/awake procedures
  • RFITT turbinate reduction
  • How I do it – Tips and tricks (focus Celon)  

Dr. Erlend Lundemo:       15  minutes

  • Awake polypectomy and SMR turbinate reduction with Debrider
  • My personal experience – Tips and tricks (focus Diego Elite)

Dr. Jaime Viera Artiles:   15 minutes

  • Rhinology Office set up
  • How to set up a proper Rhinology Office procedure
  • Patients’ selection, local anesthesia, room set up, etc.

All (mod. Mr. Joseph):    15 minutes

  • Q&A session

13.15h - 14.15h - Satellite Symposium SANOFI - Hall 8

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Optimizing Patient Outcomes in CRSwNP: Guidelines and Shared Decision-Making

  • Rinse and Repeat: The Underappreciated Daily Burden for Patients With Uncontrolled and/or Severe CRSwNP
    Peter Hellings
  • Implementation of Guidelines Into Daily Practice: Past, Present, and Future
    Stella Lee
  • Comparative Efficacy of Biologics for Patients With Uncontrolled and/or Severe CRSwNP
    Sietze Reitsma
  • Audience Q&A
    All Faculty

17.15h – 18.45h - Satellite Symposium GSK – Hall 7

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Redefining Ambition for Patients Burdened with CRSwNP

Faculty Dr. Joseph Han, Dr. Martin Desrosiers, and Dr. Claire Hopkins.


Tuesday June 20, 2023

12.50h – 14.20h - Satellite Symposium SANOFI – Hall 8

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20 June 2023  |  12:50–14:20  EEST  Room: Hall 8

Program Description

Olfactory dysfunction is a prevalent symptom of severe CRSwNP that can significantly impair physical and psychological health. During this symposium, experts will discuss the mechanisms underlying olfactory dysfunction in severe CRSwNP and share evidence that dupilumab—a monoclonal antibody and dual inhibitor of IL-4 and IL-13 signaling—reduces symptom burden and improves key outcomes in patients with CRSwNP.  This expert panel will share their experiences, clinical data, and considerations to inform patient management and the important role of smell in treatment decisions.



Joaquim Mullol, MD, PhD (Chair)
Professor of Research
Director, Rhinology Unit and Smell Clinic
ENT Department, Hospital Clinic Barcelona
University of Barcelona
Head, Clinical and Experimental Respiratory Allergy, IDIBAPS
Barcelona, Catalonia, Spain

Martin Desrosiers, MD, FRCSC
Sinus Surgeon
University of Montreal Hospital Centre
Clinical Professor
University of Montreal
Montreal, Quebec, Canada

Martin Wagenmann, MD
Head, Rhinology, Allergy, and Endoscopic Skull Base Surgery
Department of Otorhinolaryngology
Vice-Chair, Interdisciplinary University Allergy Centre
Head, Research Laboratory of the ENT Department
University Hospital of Düsseldorf
Düsseldorf, Germany

Wednesday June 21, 2023

13:15h-14:00h - Satellite Symposium NEOPHARM / Hall 7

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“The invisible threats for rhinosinusitis development and new treatment approaches”

“Rhinosinusitis: Infection and Inflammation Exhibited”
Speaker: Prof. Todor (Ted) A. Popov, University Hospital “Sv. Ivan Rilski”, Sofia, Bulgaria

“Relief at last – Atusin® for rhinosinusitis”
Speaker: Prof. Dilyana Vicheva, Department of Otorhinolaryngology, Medical University of Plovdiv, Bulgaria, University Hospital “Kaspela”, Plovdiv, Bulgaria

13.15h-14.15h - Satellite Symposium KARL STORZ / Hall 9

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“Modern aspects of basic and advanced endoscopic sinus surgery”

13:15 – 13:45 Prof. Leunig: “FESS: basics and surgical technique“  – 25 minutes for presentation and 5 minutes for Q&A

13:45 – 14:15 Prof. Lasnisnik: „Extended sinus surgery: basics and surgical technique“ – 25 minutes for presentation and 5 minutes for Q&A