June 18-22, 2023, National Palace of Culture, Sofia, Bulgaria



  • There will be 2 prizes. One prize is awarded for original basic research, and the second for original clinical research in the field of Rhinology.
  • Only candidates below the age of 36 years can apply. They should be members of the ERS (e.g., Junior Members)
  • Each applicant is allowed one entry.
  • Entries are to be submitted in the form of a scientific paper. Papers that have been accepted for publication by an international scientific journal will also be considered. Scientific papers – as well as supplements and Ph.D.-theses – that have already been published are excluded from competition.
  • The research paper submitted is either the result of individual research activities or resulting from a team effort. In the latter case the first author will be considered as the nominee.
  • The executive Committee of ERS Foundation, supported by several invited experts, will act as the jury and will select both prize winners.
  • The prizes, each of which amounts to Euro 1.500, – will be awarded during the Opening Ceremony (June 18th) of the forthcoming ERS congress in Sofia, Bulgaria.
  • The prize winner is expected at the Opening Ceremony to receive the prize.
  • Laureates are waived of registration fee of the congress, a free membership of the ERS and free subscription for Rhinology for the year 2024 and they receive a transfer.
  • Please send you contribution digital to: secretarygeneral@rhinologicsociety.eu with a copy to secretary@rhinologicsociety.eu.Papers should be received by the ERS before: April 30th, 2023.